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Funeralplans of Funeral Plans?

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Everything you Need to Know About Planning a Funeral

politicians attending a large funeral
American politicians attending a larger funeral

Should you be making funeralplans or funeral plans? There’s a difference, and it’s not just a matter of correct versus incorrect spelling. Funeral plans are made ahead of time. The planning may take weeks, months, or even years.

Funeral plans on the other hand, are made in a rush, during that period of grief and deep sorrow we experience between the time of death and the funeral. Times of grief and sorrow are stressful, and are not the easiest or best of times to make decisions. Sometimes decisions made in haste during those few days can lead to confusion or unnecessary expenses.  If you are faced with a need to make funeral plans, it’s usually best to turn things over to a professional funeral director, who is in a position to make decisions quickly and effectively.
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Funeral Planning is Best
Having made the distinction, let’s turn our attention to funeral planning; doing the planning ahead of time. Funeral planning can focus on the wishes of the person who the funeral services will be held for, and the plans are in fact often made by that person.  At other times the focus may be more on family and friends.  While it may seem a little strange on the surface, there are many who would rather not see a funeral as simply being a time for sadness. An Irish wake is a good example of this. The purpose of a funeral services should be to honor and show respect for the departed, and one of remembering the good times as well as the bad.

Insurance is a Good First Step
Whatever your own wishes may be, it’s never too early to do some advance planning and preparation. A good place to start is to consider taking out a funeral insurance policy. In doing so, you can have peace of mind, knowing that family members will not suddenly be faced with funeral expenses that may be beyond their financial means. Considerations include selecting a funeral home or a funeral director, determining whether or not a religious service is desired, and if so, what type of service. Also, whether burial or cremation is desired should be decided upon at some point, and cemetery arrangements may need to be made in advance as well. All of this can often be accomplished in a single package when applying for a funeral insurance policy. Funeral insurance need not be limited to monetary considerations only, and usually isn’t. The plan can include all of the necessary wishes and provisions, which can easily be carried out once a funeral director is made aware of them.

Why not get started in your planning by clicking on our “Get a Quote? Then you will have the peace of mind that goes with knowing your family will not someday be faced with the burden of hastily making “funeral plans” and the stress that goes with it.

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