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Funeral Insurance NZ Policies and Planning

A typical Funeral insurance New Zealand policy is not greatly different than policies you will find in many other countries. You specify the amount of insurance you want, and pay premiums over a specified period of time. At the time of death, the amount the policy is worth is paid out. If the amount chosen was the right amount, surviving family members are spared the financial burden of paying for the funeral, burial, and other things that are involved. Funeral insurance NZ policies involve more than a cash payout. They provide a source of emotional relief to loved ones at a time of grief and uncertainty.

Taking out a funeral insurance policy involves much more than simply stating the amount of insurance desired. Since the amount of the policy is designed to cover the funeral expenses, it makes sense that funeral planning should go hand in hand with the purchase of the policy. Otherwise, it could happen that the policy might not adequately cover the actual cost of the funeral.

It would make sense to do the planning first, and purchase the policy at a later date. It might make more sense to do both at the same time. It will work to your advantage however if you take the time to find out what policy limitations you’ll encounter when purchasing a funeral insurance NZ policy. Since not all insurers have the same policy limitations, it pays to ask.

Asking about limitations doesn’t take a long time, and the answers can usually be found online at a given insurance company’s website. You can often go to a FAQ page, if the website has one, and get answers to most of your questions there.<br></br>

Here are a few examples: <br></br>

  • Can I change the cover, or cancel my policy at any time without penalty?
  • If there is a penalty in doing either, what is it?
  • Is there an age limit beyond which I no longer have to pay premiums?
  • Is there a minimum age limit for purchasing funeral insurance?
  • How long will it take to receive payment when a claim is submitted?
  • Will the premiums I pay remain constant over the life of the policy?
  • If I have health problems, can I still get funeral insurance?
  • Is there a minimum time which must be exceeded before the benefits can be paid out?

Naturally, you can ask any question you want, but if the above questions are answered to your satisfaction, you should be able to purchase a policy knowing it will serve its intended purpose.  

Please feel free to contact us regarding any funeral insurance NZ needs you may have. Our quotes are free, and we can help you by putting a funeral plan together and providing you with a policy guaranteed to cover that plan. All of this can be done online. There is no pressure, and there are no hassles. Getting started puts you under no obligation.