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What Should Be In Your Funeral Plan?

Deciding what should be in your funeral plan doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Aside from the basic things which may be somewhat obvious, your own needs funeral plan, or that of a loved one, can be as basic or detailed as you want. You can choose the simplest of caskets or choose a very elaborate one. If you choose cremation, whether the urn is plain, elaborate, expensive, or whether you simply want a box for your ashes, it’s entirely up to you.

Many specify in great detail what they want to be included in the funeral service, down to the choice of music and who performs it, the kind of flowers they want and other features of the service.At the other end of the spectrum are those who don’t want a funeral service at all, or at least don’t want to choose the details themselves.
Most funeral homes can provide you with brochures to guide you in putting your funeral plan together, and you might even have some ideas based on funerals you’ve attended in the past. The sky is almost the limit as far as types of funeral and burial services available to you are concerned, taking into account local laws and ordinances. Still, you occasionally read about someone who has chosen to be buried in their favorite car, or those who have their ashes placed in a secret location or scattered wherever it is legal to do so. A lover of flowers chose to have her funeral service conducted outdoors, in a nursery, where drinks were served! Your choices can be quite unorthodox and depend on your own tastes and personality.

For a more conventional funeral, one of the easiest ways to put your funeral plan together is to do it online. You don’t have to visit several funeral homes to look over a selection of caskets, unless you feel the need to touch and feel what you plan to purchase. You can choose from an online selection. Choice of an urn is even easier. Many online sites are interactive, making the decision process easier and faster. Another advantage to online funeral planning is you can stop at any time, and continue later. You don’t have to specify everything in a single session, and in many all cases you can make changes later and get a new quote.

What are some of the basic elements that might be included in your personal funeral plan?

  • Details of the service, including denomination if a religious service.
  • Where the service will be held.
  • Cemetery where burial or internment is to take place.
  • Disposition of ashes if appropriate.
  • Visitation or viewing ie, open or closed casket.
  • Floral arrangements and music.
  • Choice of funeral home or director.
  • Choice of urn or casket.

All of these can often be addressed online. We can help put your plan together, with free quotes along the way to ensure your funeral remains within budget. We highly recommend funeral insurance to ensure your wishes will be carried out at any time, avoiding unnecessary burden on your loved ones. We are here to help with your planning and insurance needs.