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The Two Types of Medical Insurance Cover

There are two basic types of medical insurance cover available in New Zealand. One type is comprehensive insurance. A comprehensive insurance policy provides cover for most basic, everyday medical expenses, including doctor’s visits, prescription drugs, and those things that would be considered primary medical costs. Comprehensive policies also provide cover for surgery and hospital stays, but there are often limits imposed on those two types of cover. When looking for a comprehensive medical policy, it will pay to know what those limitations are.

The other type of policy provides cover for elective surgery and specialist care. Remember, in New Zealand, emergency surgery is covered by public insurance and is provided at no cost. Public insurance on the other hand may not in cases pay for elective surgery. Cosmetic surgery is not covered.  This type of medical insurance cover pays for hospital costs, but does not pay for doctor’s visits and prescription drugs, whereas a comprehensive plan will. A plan that covers elective surgery and specialist care can sometimes be expanded to cover other things as well. Such supplementary coverage will of course add to the cost of the premium.

If you’re looking for private medical insurance, you might be considering either type of insurance, or both types. Multiple quotes on either or both can help you arrive at a decision as to which policy or polices you need. The cost of private insurance can vary significantly depending both on the cover offered and on who the provider is, so there is always a possibility of securing the cover you want at considerable savings. Let us help you in your search by providing multiple medical insurance quotes. These quotes are free, and are yours when you click on our “Get a Quote” button on this page. There’s no obligation, yet it will be beneficial. Why wait?