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types of travel insurance What Types of Travel Insurance are there?

[dropcap type=”simple”]T[/dropcap]here are many insurance providers in New Zealand supplying a variety of travel insurance options. When deciding on a policy, it is important that you understand the details and choose the policy that best suits your individual needs. This section defines the different types of travel insurance policies available in New Zealand.

Travel insurance covers the policyholder against potential losses incurred during travel. Common forms of insurance include: individual travel and group travel policies.

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Individual Travel

Individual travel insurance covers only the specified policyholder during their travels.

Group Travel

Group travel insurance covers a family or group of individuals traveling together. Accepting a group travel insurance policy can be less expensive for the individual due to discounts offered to large groups. You can read more on how to obtain cheaper travel insurance by visiting our save on travel insurance section.

A NZ travel insurance policy can vary depending on the specified terms. A typical policy will cover you for the following:

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  • Medical insurance
  • Lost, stolen or damaged baggage or belongings
  • Lost passports or money
  • Rental car expenses in the event of an automobile accident
  • Disruptive travel situations, such as cancellations
  • Personal liability, such as an injury or loss you have caused
  • Disablement or death



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