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frequently asked questions about travel insurance Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Insurance

[dropcap type=”simple”]W[/dropcap]hether you are traveling the world or boarding a vacation cruise ship, you want to feel secure about your travel insurance policy. In this section, we will answer questions about worldwide travel insurance, travel insurance for individuals over 65, and advice on how to find the best travel insurance deals.

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[toggle title=”What is a travel insurance excess?“]

Travel insurance excess is the amount you pay if you need to file a claim. The excess amount is defined in your travel insurance policy.


[toggle title=” Do I have to keep my travel insurance policy with me when traveling?“]

Some authorities may require a copy of your travel insurance policy. It is best to keep a copy of your travel policy with you. Most travel insurance companies provide you with a toll-free number to reach them from anywhere in the world, just in case you need additional information or proof.


[toggle title=”Do companies provide travel insurance for individuals who are over 65?“]

It may be hard for you to find a company that will provide you with travel insurance if you are over the age of 65. Contact several travel insurance companies, as they may have an alternative type of insurance cover they can offer you.


[toggle title=”Can I make a claim on my travel insurance policy while still overseas?“]

Most insurance companies will allow this, although the claim is not usually settled until you return home.


[toggle title=”Can I extend my insurance policy while I am on still traveling?“]

Most insurance companies will allow you to extend your travel insurance policy. It is likely a new policy will be underwritten for you and a new premium charged.


[toggle title=”Will the travel insurance cover my pre-existing medical conditions?“]

Most travel insurance policies will not cover your pre-existing medical conditions.


[toggle title=”There are some insurance providers that offer huge travel insurance discounts if I make my purchase online. Are these scams?“]

There are several insurance companies that specialise in providing travel insurance online. They can offer such discounted rates because they have lower overheads. Many companies also offer discounts for completing your travel insurance application online.


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