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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance reviews, comparisons and online quotes

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What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance in New Zealand is similar to any other form of insurance cover. This type of insurance is a NZ travel insurancepolicy that covers any medical expenses, losses or damages incurred while traveling. You can purchase insurance for trips within New Zealand or for worldwide travel.

You can purchase worldwide travel insurance at the same time you book your trip which should cover you for any cancellations that may occur prior to your holiday departure. You can purchase insurance just for the length of the trip or for an extended period. Travel agents can provide you with a policy for worldwide or to cover travel within New Zealand; the cost will vary.

Some NZ travel insurance companies offer special insurance for different classifications of travelers. This includes: students, business professionals, leisure, adventure, cruise and international traveler.

Common risks that are covered under a worldwide travel insurance policy include:
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Medical costs
  • Delayed departure
  • Cancellations
  • Delayed, lost or stolen baggage
  • Loss, theft or damage to personal items

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