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[dropcap type=”simple”]B[/dropcap]uying an insurance policy for your motorhome, trailer or caravan can be a daunting process. On our central portal this process becomes as easy as it can get.

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What you need to know about buying caravan, motorhome or trailer insurance in NZ

Your motorhome/caravan/trailer is a priced possession. It deserves a well researched insurance policy. And your pocket deserves a cost-effective policy. Use our quotes-request tool to request quote after quote till you find one that suits both.  We suggest you compare at least three quotes from three different insurers before choosing one.  A good rule of thumb is to compare the additional terms of five insurers at a time.  Many NZ insurers now provide additional insurance cover for:

  1. towing
  2. rescuing
  3. clearing the road after accidents

Get personalized caravan & trailer quotes about specific additional cover and services to decide on a policy that suits you the best. Request your first free quote now!

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