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Buying car insurance is a time consuming process — a job most people prefer not to do. The same can be said when obtaining car insurance quotes — the grueling process undertaken before deciding on a provider is no easy task. My Insurance Guide makes the process easy because:

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Car Insurance Comparison- – How to Find the Best Deal

Buying insurance online can be a painless process if you obtain multiple quotes from NZ insurance providers. Choose at least three companies you know and record the benefits, total cost and excess of each policy in a notebook. Quotations will likely vary. Therefore, ensure you provide as much information about your vehicle as you can. Make sure you provide accurate information when obtaining a car insurance quote. Failure to do so may result in higher premiums or lower payouts.

You’ll notice that the majority of car insurance quotes you receive are similar with slight differences in the contract. During the quote process, ask whether you’ll be covered for common claims such as broken windscreens, scratches or small dents.

Other Points to Consider When Comparing Car Quotes

Car insurance is a common form of insurance in New Zealand. To maximise your cover and ensure you receive the best market price, consider combining your other policies, such as house, life or contents policies, with the same provider. Raise this before the providers supplies you with a car quote. In some cases, the online quote form doesn’t ask, so it’s best to call the 0800 number and speak to a broker directly.

Use the quote form located at the top of this page to request a quote for you vehicle.