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home_insurance Save on Home & Contents Insurance

[dropcap type=”simple”]M[/dropcap]ost homeowners are likely to have home and contents insurance — or at least home insurance. Most New Zealand insurance companies provide home and contents insurance coverage, a policy that covers loss or damage of the home or the contents of the home.

Listed below are recommendations that will help you save money when purchasing either home or home and contents insurance.

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  • Shop separately for car insurance and home and contents insurance. Sometimes providers charge different premiums if you live in certain areas. We also recommend inquiring as to whether your provider has package discounts when buying home and contents insurance with other insurance types.
  • Make your home more disaster resistant. Ask your New Zealand home insurance provider what you can do to make your home more resistant to floods, strong winds or any other natural disasters.
  • Ask your provider whether they give home and contents discounts for having a security alarm installed. Often they do, as this reduces the risk of burglary.
  • If you have been with your home insurance provider for many years, ask if they give loyalty discounts. Often an insurance company will want to keep your business.
  • When buying a home, consider its location. You may be entitled to a home insurance discount if your new house is close to a fire hydrant or in a community that has a professional fire service, opposed to volunteer service. You may be entitled to an insurance discount if electrical, plumbing and heating systems are less than 10 years old. Brick and tile homes are generally more durable, resistant to fire and require less maintenance.
  • Shop around for home and contents insurance. We recommend getting at least three home insurance quotes. Use the free search and chat function at the top of this website. You can search and chat with insurance providers for free.
  • You should continually review the value of any expensive possessions in your home. Often these possessions require additional coverage because they fit outside the general home and contents insurance policy. You may find your possession devalue in worth much more rapidly than you think. Adjust your policy accordingly.
  • Remember that home insurance coverage is for the actual home and not the land. The land isn’t going anywhere. The insurance is to replace or repair damage to your house. Keep this in mind when evaluating the amount of coverage needed. This may reduce your home insurance premiums significantly.
  • When purchasing home insurance, consider raising your excess. This could reduce your home and contents premium by as much as 10% – 20% per annum. Set money aside to cover the excess costs when an accident occurs.
  • When comparing home insurance providers, ask each company whether they give discounts to older citizens. Insurance companies usually offer these from ages 50-60. It can save you up to 40% on insurance costs.
  • Use the chat function at the top of this page to get free insurance quotes. You can chat with multiple insurance providers that are waiting for your questions. Start searching for your home insurance quote now.
  • You can save money on your home insurance by paying your premiums annually. This reduces the administration and invoicing costs for the insurance provider.


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