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Tips to Save Money on Your Monthly Insurance Policies

tips to save on insurance premiums
Save money on monthly premiums by making small changes

[dropcap type=”simple”]W[/dropcap]hen you add up your car insurance, medical insurance, and home and contents insurance policies, it will soon become clear how much you actually pay each year for insurance cover. When people buy insurance, they generally search for the cheapest policy with the lowest excess but be warned — this can be a costly mistake.

Deciding to go with the cheapest insurance company can have serious implications because the policy may not provide sufficient cover. There is nothing wrong with purchasing low cost insurance policies, just make sure you do your homework!

If price is a sensitive point when buying insurance, read your current policy first to compare the differences between the two. The differences between a cheaper insurance policy and a comprehensive insurance policy will be noticeably different.

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Low cost insurance typically means lower monthly premiums. But be careful in case your policy doesn’t cover you for obscure things that are unlikely to happen. This is typically the down fall of purchasing a cheap policy — it looks good but in reality, you’re left exposed with no cover for accidents that occur more frequently.

This section will help you save money on insurance without having to go for the cheapest insurance company or the lowest priced insurance policy. Ask the insurance providers directly for a discount on your insurance. Negotiate for cheap insurance by using the live chat function on this website. It’s free, anonymous and easy.

There is nothing wrong with purchasing low cost insurance policies, just make sure you do your homework. In this section, you will have the knowledge to negotiate cheaper insurance and ensure you’re covered with a comprehensive policy that will provide sufficient cover. If you feel you’ve been taken advantage of by an insurance broker or NZ insurance provider, checkout out the ‘what are your rights‘ or ‘insurance watchdogs‘ section.