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Tips on NZ Contents Insurance

Whether purchasing a New Zealand contents insurance policy or submitting a claim, there are certain things that are good to know to ensure a claim will be satisfied and problems will not be encountered. A mistake many policy holders make is to fail to adequately document the belongings or contents that are to be insured, or having done so, fail to keep the inventory records in a safe and secure place. It can be difficult if not impossible to receive payment on a claim when proof that an item existed is not available.

Policy holders are also sometimes unaware that limitations may exist as far as coverage for certain items is concerned. Jewelry is a common example of this. Another problem policy holders sometimes encounter is when the insurer offers blanket coverage, a sort of “how much are your contents worth?” approach. Under blanket coverage, it can sometimes be difficult to receive payment for the loss or theft of a single valuable item if it is not well documented. The bottom line is, when taken out a contents insurance policy, whether it is a stand-alone policy or part of a home insurance policy, the insurer should be questioned as to how detailed a contents inventory should be, and what is important to the insurance company as far as settling a claim is concerned.

We can’t help you put together an inventory of your possessions. We can only recommend you do so. What we can do is get contents insurance quotes for you once you’ve established the value of the contents. If you are a homeowner, it will probably be to your advantage to combine contents insurance with house insurance. Still, having multiple quotes at hand and getting in touch with two or three different insurers is recommended. Our quotes for content insurance are free, and can be viewed by you with a click of our “Get a Quote” button, which you can clearly see on this page. Why not get started today? As we said, the quotes are free and you have nothing to lose.