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Tips on Insurance for Car, Truck, or Motorbike

When you are looking for insurance for you car, truck, or motorbike, the three kinds of polices will understandably have a few differences among them. There are similarities however, and it is those similarities, mainly dealing with different types of coverage available, that are under discussion here.

  • Property coverage is the first of these, and is coverage you need if your vehicle is lost, stolen, or wrecked. The amount you pay for this coverage depends on the value of the vehicle. If your car, truck, or motorbike is on its last legs, you may not need property coverage at all.
  • Liability coverage is something you don’t want to be without, no matter the age or condition of your vehicle. Liability coverage protects you when you’ve caused damage to someone else’s property or vehicle, or caused injury to that person.
  • Medical coverage covers injuries that you or a member of your family sustain in an accident.

Of these three types of coverage, you should always have the last two. All three types are recommended if the vehicle you are driving is new, or would be quite expensive to repair or replace. When you shop for insurance for vehicles, you really need to get quotes of each of the three types of coverage, or be able to see what the coverage of each is given a single quote.


We can help you with insurance for your car, truck, or motorbike, whether you are looking for separate quotes for each insurance type, or a single quote covering all three. Our “Get a Quote” button on this page opens the door to comparison shopping. Our quotes are free, and you’ll find them valuable, so why wait longer?