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Tips When Buying Cheap Car Insurance

A person won’t usually move to New Zealand solely for the purpose of being able to purchase cheap car insurance, but newcomers and tourists who decide to purchase a car are often shocked when they find how inexpensive car insurance in New Zealand can be. The fact of the matter is, car insurance is not required in New Zealand, although given the low cost of the premiums, it wouldn’t make much sense not to take out a policy.

In any event, if you want to purchase car insurance in New Zealand, you will find it is inexpensive compared to the cost of policies in the UK or in the US. In those and many other countries, car insurance, especially liability or third party insurance, is mandatory.  If you drive a very old car, one that’s on its last legs, you might decide not to purchase insurance that covers damage to or loss of the car itself, but liability insurance is still required.

Even if you only plan a short visit to New Zealand, purchasing third party cover makes a lot of sense. Paying NZ$30 or so for a policy can provide enough protection to keep your vacation from being ruined by the debt you might incur because of an accident. If you are a resident of New Zealand it makes even more sense to take out a policy having liability cover. If you have a new car, it would be wise to get cover for damage to the car as well.

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