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Three Helpful Facts About NZ Home Insurance

Covering yourself from disaster is a smart move.  No one knows what the future holds, and if you don’t have protection with a home and contents insurance company, you might be rolling the dice on things that mean the most to you.  Here are some bullet points you should know about home insurance before you sign up:

  • Protection From Pets – If you have a pet, then you’re be aware of how unpredictable they can be. Don’t worry, because almost all NZ home insurance companies will cover them.  It doesn’t matter if your pet dug a whole in the house foundation, or it knocked over a lamp and burnt down the home.  It may mean paying a higher rate, but you will be protected.
  • Disaster Insurance – There are several occasions where homeowner’s insurance will not cover you, so be sure to account for this fact.  Most of these home and contents insurance companies will not cover floods, and some will not cover earthquakes.  You will have to buy flood and earthquake insurance in the event that disaster strikes if you live in a high-risk area.
  • Maintenance Issues – If your house is in disrepair, then you might not be covered if the home is compromised from maintenance neglect.  It is important to check all your home systems to ensure that everything is working properly.  If a light switch ignites a house fire due to neglect, then you could be paying for that yourself.

Sometime home and contents insurance can be a complex issue, but it helps to know the business.  If you use homeowner’s insurance to your advantage, you can stay protected from catastrophe.  The first step to insure the future of your home is to get a quote. There are links on this page that will get you there.