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Things You Should Know About House Contents Insurance

Settling a house contents insurance claim due to theft or damage can at times be difficult, and every one worries that for some reason their claim won’t be sufficient, or settlement issues will arise. This is not necessarily the fault of the insurance provider, nor is it always the fault of the person making the claim. More often than not, when problems arise, they are due to poor communication or a lack of documentation. An insurance company will understandably be reluctant to honor a claim for the loss of a $100,000 painting unless there is some proof, such as a photograph, that the painting existed in the first place. There are things you, the insured, can do to keep these settlement issues to a minimum.

  • Document everything of value. This includes taking photos and even videos of valuable items such as paintings, furniture, jewelry, even coins and stamps. Describe each item in as much detail as possible.
  • Understand what is meant by legal theft. Once you invite someone into your home, they are there legally. If that person steals something, you cannot claim a loss.
  • Understand what constitutes legal damage. If your two-year old throws a tantrum and breaks a valuable vase, the loss will usually not be covered. If a stranger throws a rock through a window and breaks the vase, it is covered.

These are just three of several examples that could be given, with the intent of encouraging you to examine a policy carefully before purchasing it. It’s crucial to have a good understanding as to what is covered and what may not be. By doing this you can avoid unexpected surprises or disappointments when making a future claim.

We can not only provide free quotes to help you decide on a house contents insurance policy that suits your needs, but we can also direct you towards information that will help you select a policy that clearly states the terms of cover.