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Things to Consider When Looking for a Contents Insurance Quote

When you start looking for a contents insurance quote, it’s vital that you check the so-called ‘standard clauses’. This of course sounds overly simplistic but some people fail to realise that some policies won’t offer cover against common, everyday scenarios.

For example, certain policies may not offer insurance against earthquake damage. There are parts of New Zealand extremely prone to earthquake damage so this is an essential clause not to be missed out. Similarly, always check for cover that protects against the likes of flooding and inclement weather conditions.

It’s also important that you accurately assess the worth of your home contents. An inaccurate calculation may mean you are financially impacted should you make a claim at a later date.

Finally, in terms of determining what is covered, check any additional ‘top-up’ policies that you might require. It may be necessary to insure valuable items. You may benefit from insuring the contents of your freezer. Or, you may want to insure those items you regularly take out of the house (cameras, iPods, sporting equipment).

Financial Implications of a Quote

Whilst finding the perfect cover is one thing, making sure you can afford it is equally as important. Firstly, be sure to pick a policy that you can easily pay the monthly/yearly premium on. If you fail to keep up with payments, your policy will be void.

Secondly, look at the excess that you will have to pay if you make a claim. Whilst a low monthly premium is attractive, it may not be cost-effective if the excess is sky-high. It’s important you find a comfortable medium.

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