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Saving Money on Motorbike Insurance

Most of the major insurance companies in New Zealand provide motorbike insuranceSome motorcycle dealers also provide insurance when a motorbike is purchased. Most Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda dealers offer motorbike insurance. It makes sense to check and see how the policy offered by a dealer stacks up in terms of both cost and coverage when compared with a policy purchased directly from an insurance company.

You might save some money on your motorbike insurance if you take out a policy with the same company that insures your car or home. Most providers will offer a discount, called a package discount, or a bundling discount, to a customer who takes out more than one policy. Another way to save is to pay the premium annually instead of quarterly or monthly. The savings may not be huge, but they are savings nevertheless. You’ll also save if you can show that your motorbike is kept in a safe and secure place when not in use. You’ll save even more if you’ve taken a motorbike training or safely course. You can also ask about a discount. Discounts on motorbike insurance may not be commonplace, but it never hurts to ask as many insurance companies will have a provision for them.

It would be worth your while to ask for motorbike insurance quotes before purchasing a new motorbike. That way you can compare what insurance companies have to offer against what Yamaha, Suzuki, or Honda has to offer, assuming you’re purchasing one of those motorbike brands. Having a quote at hand might even put you in a position to negotiate a better price for the policy a dealer offers. We can get you the quote you’ll need. Getting a quote, a free quote by the way is only a mouse click away. The “Get a Quote” button on this page is there for a reason. That reason is to serve you.