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Researching Content Insurance in New Zealand

It is scary to think about, but if there were ever to be a disaster in your home, would your belongings be insured?  If you answered no, it is definitely in your best interest to find a plan as soon as possible.  While it seems intimidating, there is a vast spectrum of policies available, many of which can cover almost every possession you and your family own, and have rates that are surprisingly affordable. Look into some of these plans and see if there is something available for your needs.

AA Insurance Contents Cover

A collaborative effort between the New Zealand Automobile Association and Suncorp, AA Insurance Contents Cover provides coverage on an extensive variety of household items, from electronics to appliances, linen, jewelry, and even oddly enough, dentures.  For many of these items, the company offers to fully replace them in the event of a disaster or theft, including replenishing your cash up to $300 if stolen.  

AMI Standard Contents

Unlike many of its competitors, AMI offers three levels of coverage for content insurance: Standard, Premier, and Advanced.  With Standard, the company will cover the market value for most household contents.  Premier provides a replacement of the staples in your household items, if under a certain age, and Advanced replaces practically every item, regardless of how long you have owned it.

Being superstitious about looking into content insurance in NZ is like waiting for a thunderstorm without an umbrella, because of fear that buying an umbrella will make it rain.  Looking into a solid content insurance plan is one of the best gifts you can give your family.  It ensures peace of mind, both for you and the ones you love, which is just as valuable as any possession you might want to insure.