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A Primer on Life Quotes

There are those that say online life insurance quotes are meaningless. They definitely are not, but there are certain things you need to know about life quotes to avoid misunderstandings or being left with feeling that the only purpose for the quote was to sign a policy that ends up costing more than you were quoted.

A life quote is a “lets-get-started tool”. It’s an estimate. The cost of your life policy has everything to do with personal data about you that the insurance company doesn’t know at the time they issue a quote. What do they base their quote on? They assume among other things that you are a healthy individual, with a safe occupation, who does not have drug or alcohol problems, has no criminal history or any history of driving violations and whose medical records contain next to nothing of interest. If you are a smoker, expect your premium to be significantly above the amount of the quote, unless you are asked up front.

If you are a very healthy specimen, lead a healthy life style, and live in a nice house with a picket fence on a safe street, the cost of your policy may bear some resemblance to the quote you received. Just bear these things in mind. Multiple quotes are still quite valuable since no company knows anything more about you than other companies do.

When our free quotes are approached the right way, they become valuable tools to have when selecting the best company with the best policy. The “Get a Quote” button on this page is there for your convenience.  We know you’ll find our free quotes of value as you zero in on just the right life policy. Why wait? Ask for a few quotes today.