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No Single Answer to the Question of Life Insurance Prices

There are a couple of ways to get an estimate of what life insurance prices are. You can ask your neighbor what the payments are on his or her life insurance policy. That may give you the information you need within ± 200%, assuming you will be purchasing the same amount of coverage, the state of your health is the same as your neighbor’s, your ages are about the same, and so on.

Or, you can get online quotes from several insurance companies. Your neighbor might not appreciate you taking this approach, since his or her insurance payments are really none of your business.

What Are You Looking For? – Asking what life insurance prices are is like asking how much flowers cost. To get a straight answer you need to specify how many flowers you’re talking about, what kinds of flowers, how fresh they are, and so on. Then you might get a quote. It works the same with insurance. You have to describe what kind of insurance you’re looking for, in this case life insurance, and how much cover you feel you need.

What Is Your Status? –You’re not done yet, since life insurance prices are determined largely by statistics, what you will end up paying depends partly on where you fall within the general statistical population. These statistics are based upon such things as age, health, and lifestyle of the potential policyholder. If you are a heavy smoker for example, you can expect to pay a higher premium than a non-smoker does.

To find out what life insurance prices are like, you’ll need to be armed with some information about yourself when you apply for a quote. This information doesn’t need to be 100% accurate when you’re looking for an estimate. Quotes are free, and neither you nor the insurance company is under any obligation at this point. When you actually apply for the policy, the information you give needs to be accurate, and above all, honest. If you’re a smoker, you’d better say so. Insurance fraud can carry some stiff penalties.

Who Offers What? At What Price? Prices will vary according to the type of policy you choose. A term life insurance premium costs less than a straight life premium. Accidental death premiums are lower still. One company may charge far less for a certain type of policy than a competitor, yet more for another policy type. To really understand what life insurance prices are, you need to get several quotes on several different types of policies. Once you know the prices a company charges together with the coverage provided for each policy type, you can make your selection.

Go to any website offering free quotes and you can find outlines of the personal information you’ll need to supply. Secured with that information, you can visit various websites or go to one that offers multiple quotes.

We will be glad to help you here and will give you the advice and information you need and provide quotes as well, free of charge, with no obligation on your part.