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New Zealand Insurance Company Ratings

It’s not difficult to find insurance company ratings online, although it might take some browsing to find a website that offers objective ratings and reviews and not one that’s a disguised attempt to steer you towards a particular company.

Insurance company ratings do in fact tend to be somewhat subjective, although a company having a 5-star rating based upon a meaningful set of criteria is probably a better choice than a company that is given only one or two stars. Still, it is always a good idea to go behind the ratings and find what the rationale behind the number of stars is. At times, the rating is based upon the types of service required, at other times it is based on customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction reviews usually give a pretty good indication as to how a particular insurance company achieved its rating, high or low.

When shopping for insurance of any kind, it’s usually best not to rely solely on quotes. In fact, relying only on quotes is usually not recommended at all. A company can give you a very low quote and a low premium to match, but you might end up experiencing customer service issues if you have a question, or worse still, when you submit a claim.

If you investigate  both quotes and ratings, especially ratings which take customer service into account, you’re probably on fairly solid ground when it comes time to choose the company you want to work with. Look for a 5-star company, featuring excellent customer reviews, with a quote that is hard to pass up, and you’ve found what you’re looking for. That type of combination is more common than you think.