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Who Needs Private Health Insurance? 

Since New Zealanders are given free medical treatment and services under the public health care system, one might wonder why anyone would choose private health insurance, which is not free. There could be a number of reasons for choosing private insurance, but most choose private coverage for one of two reasons.

Public health care is available to anyone who is either a citizen of New Zealand or an ordinary resident, an ordinary resident being one who is either a permanent resident or one who holds a work permit. Anyone not fitting one of these categories would need to take out a private health insurance policy if they wished to be covered.

The other reason for purchasing private health insurance is that with a private policy one can often gain quicker access to a hospital, especially to a private hospital, for non-emergency treatment should the need arise. Thus with private insurance, one can often circumvent the problem of having to wait an extended time for treatment.

The advent of private health insurance has resulted in the consumer having more health care options to choose from, including a wider range in costs of premiums due in part to competition between companies in the private sector. Consequently, finding the right policy has become a bit more complicated given the competition among private insurers, but not too complicated if one takes the time to do some comparison shopping.

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