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The Medical Insurance NZ Residents May Need

If you are a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand, the public health care system will take care of most of your medical needs, and at no cost to you. It would seem then there would be no need to consider any type of private insurance. Why pay for something you don’t need? The best medical insurance NZ residents tend to have is what covers them in the event of an emergency.  Under the New Zealand health care system, in the event of an emergency, you would be granted admission to any hospital, at no cost to you. Everything the hospital would provide that would fit within the definition of emergency treatment, would be provided free of charge.

It is when the emergency treatment ceases, and you become an out-patient, or require follow-up visits to a doctor, and perhaps medication as well, that charges are apt to start mounting up. Some doctor’s visits and medications are not covered by medical insurance unless you have a private plan. If you have to be readmitted to the hospital, but the situation is not regarded as being an emergency, you may face a long wait. A private plan usually eliminates the need for this wait and could also take care of your medication expenses and doctors visits.

The shortcomings of the New Zealand health care system are not major, but there are enough potential problem areas to make having private medical insurance at least worth considering. Most major insurance companies have private medical insurance New Zealand residents can use to their advantage. We can assist you by providing free quotes on the plans these companies offer. Even if you haven’t yet decided whether a private medical insurance policy is for you, looking over these quotes will inform you of the cost involved. Getting a quote involves nothing more than clicking on the “Get a Quote” button on this page, and answering a brief question or two. There’s no reason to wait, so why not get a quote now?