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Medical Insurance & New Zealand Hospitals

Depending on the type of medical insurance, New Zealand hospital access can be immediate in some instances and require an extended wait in others. In some instances access to a hospital might even be denied. Before worrying too much about whether or not a hospital will take you in, keep in mind if you are involved in an emergency situation, any hospital will take you in at any time, and at no cost.

It is in cases of elective surgery or illnesses that are not considered life threatening or constitute an emergency, that access may be denied, or more likely you’ll find yourself at the tail end of a sometimes lengthy waiting list. It should be noted at this point, that if you do end up in a New Zealand hospital, the care you receive will be as good as any you would get in other countries. New Zealand hospitals are world class.

The question is how you can get around this sometimes sticky problem of not being allowed admittance or having to wait weeks and maybe months for surgery, even major surgery in some cases? The answer lies in private insurance. With the right private insurance cover, the problems associated with waiting lines and hospital admission can in general be circumvented.

If you see yourself as being in the category of those who would benefit from having private medical insurance, it would pay to look into this type of insurance in greater detail. You’ll no doubt also be interested in what the costs of cover might be, in which case we can provide you with free quotes from leading insurers. In most cases you should have at least 3 quotes to compare, and we can provide you with many more should you ask. As far as asking for a free quote, all that involves is clicking on our “Get a Quote” button on this page. There’s no obligation, and you’ll be glad you did.