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What Marine Insurance NZ Covers

Marine insurance NZ does more than provide protection for a boat. Marine insurance is not the same as boat insurance, but is a type of insurance that provides much broader coverage. Marine insurance NZ policies are taken out by those who send ships to sea, including ships containing valuable cargo. This type of insurance covers both the ship and its cargo. If the ship runs aground, coverage is there, if the ship and cargo are lost due to inclement weather, coverage is there. Coverage can even extend to such things as piracy. Of course, a ship and its cargo don’t have to be lost. Marine insurance covers damage as well, damage from weather or damage due to fire.

A marine policy more often than not will contain a liability provision, protecting those on board as well as covering damage done to a third party. It’s not only ships that are protected by marine policies. Offshore oil platforms, as well as terminal facilities and exposed pipeline are often protected by marine insurance.

If you wish to have coverage for a pleasure craft, its boat insurance you want. Actually, boat insurance is a specialized type of marine insurance, but you can save some time by requesting boat insurance quotes. Boat insurance covers everything from large yachts to jet skis, and most things in between. If the vessel is for pleasure, it’s boat insurance you’re looking for.

Whatever your insurance needs, we can provide free quotes to help you in selecting just the right policy. We always recommend multiple quotes, and suggest you get quotes for different types of coverage if applicable. Before you hit the water, hit our “Get a Quote” button. There’s no obligation in doing so and you can gain satisfactory knowledge about different types of coverage.