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Major New Zealand Life Insurance Companies

The following is not a list of the top ten New Zealand life insurance companies. It’s a list of the major companies that provide insurance for Kiwis, and it’s safe to say that the majority of those listed probably belong somewhere in the top ten. In any event, don’t try to read a rating or ranking into the list. It’s simply a list of reputable companies you can refer to when looking for life insurance coverage. When you ask for quotes for life insurance, quotes from most companies, will likely appear on your monitor.

  • State Insurance
  • AA Insurance
  • Sovereign Insurance
  • Tower Insurance
  • Southern Cross Insurance
  • AXA Insurance
  • Pinnacle Life Insurance
  • ING Insurance
  • AMI Insurance
  • NZI Insurance

You can find customer reviews and ratings of these companies on various websites. It may pay to compare quotes first, and check the reviews once you’ve narrowed your choice down to 2 or 3 companies. You can review as many companies as you need to, including those not listed, but doing the reviews up front is known to be time consuming. When reading reviews, pay special attention to customer service and claims satisfaction comments or summaries.

Having said this, it’s time to get started by looking at and comparing multiple quotes. That’s where we can give you a helping hand. Our quotes for life insurance are free and there is no obligation placed on you when requesting them. Our “Get a Quote” button on this page is there for your benefit, so why wait? Ask for some quotes today to start your search for a life insurance policy that will meet your needs and give you peace of thought that comes with knowing your family is protected.