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[dropcap type=”simple”]W[/dropcap]ant to buy a life-insurance but not sure which one? You’re not alone! With the number of life insurers in NZ, researching is an absolute must before buying a life policy.  My Insurance Guide understands this and exists to make  the buying process easy.

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  • Our life quotes can be requested online, absolutely FREE!
  • Avoid pushy third-party life insurance brokers.
  • There is a lot of variety – Individual, family & medical policies




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 Why request a life insurance quote online?

Life insurance will provide security for your family in the event of your death. It clears your outstanding debts and can include credit card bills, your mortgage and other outstanding financial responsibilities (this varies with each provider).  It’s important to request multiple quotes and compare the policy details and prices carefully. This is the time consuming and often confusing part.

My Insurance Guide is your one stop shop for choosing a policy that fits your needs.  Get quotes online, protect yourself from the perils of choosing the wrong cover and save the time and money associated with approaching multiple providers individually.

Three key considerations when choosing a life insurance policy

Identifying the correct policy for your life insurance needs boils down to three key steps:

Assess your assets and liabilities
List your insurance requirements in terms of current as well as expected future expenses like higher education, marriage, children, loan payments or tax etc.

Analyze term vs. permanent benefits
Term life insurance cover lasts for a fixed “term.” They  cost less than permanent insurance, but require prompt renewal on expiry to ensure you receive the payout. Permanent life polices pack in a considerably higher cost upfront, but ensure at least someone receives a payout and benefits from the policy.

Going permanent? Choose the type
Assess your needs and payout expectations from the policy to determine the type ( Whole Life Insurance, Universal/Variable Universal Life Insurance and so on) of permanent life insurance you should consider.

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