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Life Insurance Companies NZ

Life Insurance companies NZ makes up a significant number of the 240 or so New Zealand insurance companies. A few of these companies specialize only in life or health insurance, but a vast number of companies provide coverage in other areas of insurance as well. Several of the larger New Zealand life insurance companies, along with some that specialize specifically in health insurance are summarized below.  Kiwis are fortunate to be able to obtain affordable insurance by visiting branch offices throughout the country, or even by going online for quotes, advice, comparisons, and purchasing policies.

The life insurance companies NZ described below are among the largest and better known companies. Some have been in business for many years; others have come on the scene more recently. Listing them here is not meant to imply that they are the best, but rather to emphasize the quality of service that is generally available to Kiwis throughout the country.

  • Tower Insurance Limited has its headquarters in Auckland. Tower has been in business for over 140 years and offers a broad range of insurance options to choose from. Tower features discounts on bundled policies. A typical bundled policy is when you insure your house, car and contents with the same company. Tower also offers both health insurance and life insurance and can assist with your investments as well.
  • LifeDirect.co.nz specializes in online services addressing health and life insurance needs. Life Direct is not an insurance provider but serves as an insurance broker and adviser. Use of their website, which provides you with quotes and comparisons, is absolutely free, the site being remunerated by the company you choose your policy from should you decide to purchase one. Life Direct also offers assistance and advice over the phone and through email.
  • Pinnacle Life Insurance, also headquartered in Auckland, this company provides an online service and claims to provide New Zealand’s lowest prices. Besides life insurance, Pinnacle offers mortgage insurance, cancer cover, and funeral cover policies. Pinnacle Life Insurance also offers policies for those over 50 years of age. The company has been in business since 1998.
  • AIA New Zealand specializes in income protection insurance, business insurance and mortgage insurance, as well as offering health and life insurance policies. AIA provides insurance solutions designed to suit the needs of its Kiwi customer. AIA New Zealand has been around for over 30 years, while the parent company has provided insurance solutions in Asia and the Pacific for much longer.
  • Accuro Health Insurance has its headquarters in Wellington. As the name implies, Accuro specialises in health cover, and has been offering medical insurance since 1971. Accuro Health Insurance is a not-for-profit health insurance provider which translates into lower premiums as well as substantial discounts for non-smokers. Accuro offers online planning and free online quotes.

The above is a small sample of options available. What should be noted is the online services most of these companies provide, making planning for your life insurance needs easier than it has ever been. .