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Insurance Tools & How to Use Them

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  • How do I choose the type of insurance I need?
  • How do I know I am getting the right level of coverage?
  • How confident will I be with my choice?
  • How can I manage my insurance?
  • How do I communicate with the insurance company should my claim be rejected?


These are common questions customers ask when people buy their insurance policy. These questions can be answered using our glossary of terms, insurance links, and learning how to write insurance letters. These tools are available online and always available for your convenience.  Here is a further explanation of exactly how and under what circumstances these tools can assist you:

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The Tools of the Trade

  • Glossary of Insurance Terms. The glossary or word list contains all the main terms related to insurance and clear definitions. The types and sub-types of insurance, insurance business terms, and legal terms applied or related to insurance are listed here.  Since insurance can be complicated, the glossary can help you understand some aspects of insurance that directly affect you. 
  • Insurance Links.  Know where to go when you need customer or legal advice, lodge a complaint, or search for information regarding your insurance broker and the company you are dealing with. The provided links will lead you to national government agencies, rating agencies, and the Insurance Ombudsman, where you can obtain the insurance information and help that you need.
  • Insurance Letters. These are legal documents that can be used as proof that you have communicated with a company. You may need to write letters to the insurance company when you have questions about your policy. In case the company denies liability, you have the right to question their decision and reject their offer if you judge the offer insufficient to recoup your losses. Effective insurance letters are brief, straightforward, and courteous.

Need more information about insurance to help you make up your mind?   Are you in need of an insurance quote? You can get them here as well. We have everything you need!