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Insurance Brokers – Auckland New Zealand

Looking for insurance brokers? Auckland is home to a number of them. There are seven well known insurance brokers between Takapuna, north of downtown Auckland, and the Flat Bush area to the south. The count is by no means limited to seven. There are a large number of insurance brokers Auckland can lay claim to, including a number of head offices and an even greater number of branch offices.

What do insurance brokers do, that insurance agents do not do? When you visit an insurance agent, that person will try to steer you towards purchasing your insurance from the company he or she represents. An insurance broker on the other hand is in the business of trying to find insurance that will best fit the needs of a customer, regardless of who the insurer might be. Another action a broker does is help determine the type of policy and the amount of cover that will be needed.

Insurance brokers, Auckland brokers or otherwise do most of their work with businesses rather than with individual homeowners. This is not to say a broker would refuse to help a homeowner, but merely that house insurance tends to fall outside of their normal business dealings. If getting the right policy is for some reason an involved affair, one that requires a good deal of thought and attention, a brokerage firm is the place to go for assistance.

You want the best insurance protection you can get for a reasonable price. Our quotes are free and designed to help you in doing just that. If you are considering discussing your insurance matters with a broker, we can help you there too.  Just ask. There’s no obligation.