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Are the House Insurance Quotes NZ Homeowners Are Given Accurate?

How accurate are the house insurance quotes NZ homeowners get online? Are they purposefully set low just to attract customers? Why would house insurance quotes companies provide differ as much as they sometimes do for the same amount of cover?

These are legitimate questions, ones that deserve answers. No one knows for certain who comes up with the quotes a company provides, nor what the company policies behind those quotes are. There are a couple of things to take into account regarding the accuracy of a quote. A quote is an estimate. The company providing the quote will normally make it as good an estimate as possible, but it still is an estimate. The real question should be, how accurate are the estimates the NZ homeowners get? The answer, though not a very satisfactory one is – it depends. Just remember, it’s an estimate.

Some companies may set their quotes unreasonably low, but most do not. A company’s reputation is at stake here. If the premiums are always much higher than the quotes provided, word will get around, and the company’s reputation will suffer. If the quotes and premiums are more often than not a close match, the company is good. It helps to give quotes that are representative of what the homeowner can expect the premium to cost.

Why do quotes vary from company to company? That was partially answered earlier. Different companies have different policies, and different people make the estimates and decisions. The estimates, hence the quotes, are therefore bound to differ from company to company.

Differences in quotes are what makes comparing them possible, and we’ll be happy to provide you with all the house insurance quotes you need to help you decide on a policy that fits your needs. There’s no cost or obligation, so give us a try today.