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House Insurance – New Zealand Consumer Protection

When you purchase house insurance, New Zealand consumer protections codes are there to see that the details of your policy are always available for you to see, and no provisions have been hidden from your view. Knowing the details of your insurance policy is a basic right, regardless of whether that policy covers your house, you car, or contents.

When purchasing house insurance, New Zealand homeowners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that New Zealand’s Fair Insurance Code is in place to protect their best interests. This code has been agreed to by all of the major insurance firms. It defines a set of minimum standards each company is expected to adhere to. The Code also outlines the responsibilities of a policyholder towards the provider of a policy. The Code therefore serves to encourage ethical practices in all transactions made between company and policyholder.

The Fair Insurance Code also provides the means of resolving claims disputes between the parties involved. The Insurance and Savings Ombudsman’s Office (ISO) will, when asked, negotiate claims disputes. The decision rendered by the ISO is final, unless one of the parties involved elects to take the case to court.

When you make your selection from among the free house insurance quotes we can provide, you can rest assured that the companies involved are Fair Insurance Code subscribers, and that once you have applied for and received your policy, there will be no hidden provisions. The cover spelled out will be the cover you receive. With this in mind, feel free to take advantage of our services. Just click on our “Get a Quote” button. It’s free, and there’s absolutely no obligation.