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Have House Insurance? Contents Insurance Is Important Too

When you take out a policy for house insurance, contents cover is easy to forget. This often happens when a first-time home buyer, concerned about having adequate cover for the house, might not see the contents as being of sufficient value to warrant taking out a separate policy. This is especially true of new homeowners who barely have enough furniture to meet their basic needs.

Over the years we accumulate things, and some of these things can be valuable. These “things” are also referred to as contents, and very often contents are more valuable than we imagine them to be. Until a time comes when they need to be replaced because they are lost, stolen, or have been destroyed, its easy to underestimate their value. When the time comes to take out a contents insurance policy, there are several things that need to be done before you start looking for a quote. The first, and most important thing, is to take a contents inventory, making sure to include those things that are of greatest value. Photos and video can be invaluable aides in doing this. Next, estimate what the market value of the contents might be, and also the replacement value. Those two numbers will likely not be the same, but make sure you have both before looking for a policy.

Then it’s time to get quotes. You’ll almost certainly save by bundling a contents insurance policy with your house insurance policy, and don’t forget to ask about a discount. Get enough quotes to be able to make some valid comparisons. We can help. Our quotes won’t cost you anything, nor place you under any obligation. The “Get a Quote” button on this page is there, just waiting to be clicked, so why wait? We’re looking forward to helping you with your house insurance, contents insurance, or any other type of insurance you may be looking for.