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Home Insurance – Home Inventory

When taking out home insurancehome inventory should not be neglected. Unless your furnishings are limited to a bed, a kitchen table, and a couple of chairs, it would pay to keep stock of your household’s belongings. They may be more valuable than you think If you’ve accumulated a number of items over the years, you might be more than a little surprised to find how much it would cost to replace items that have been lost, stolen or destroyed.

With some policies, contents insurance provisions are tacked on to the house insurance policy as a kind of “miscellaneous” coverage. The insured value might be in the ball park, but unless you have a well-documented breakdown of the inventory, collecting on a claim could be difficult. In addition, by taking an inventory, it’s much easier to discover what any limits on the coverage of an item or certain types of items might be. Some polices, for example, place upper limits on what the coverage would be on jewelry. If you live in a $200,000 house and submit a claim stating your Hope diamond has been stolen, you might have trouble collecting the full value, even if you have a photo for proof of possession.

When you take out a house insurance policy it makes sense to take out a contents insurance policy at the same time, It makes sense if you can bundle the two. We can help you with quotes on home insurance, contents insurance, or a policy that covers both. Our “Get a Quote” button on this page is there for you to take advantage of. Getting a quote is free. It will be helpful if before you seek a quote on home insurance, home inventory details are known.