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frequently asked questions about home insurance Frequently Asked Questions About Home and Contents Insurance

[dropcap type=”simple”]D[/dropcap]o you need home and contents insurance? Are you searching for the right company but still have unanswered questions? Choosing the right company and the proper amount of cover is an important decision. Know the facts. See our list of frequently asked questions about home insurance from homeowners like yourself below:[button link=”https://www.myinsuranceguide.co.nz/home-and-contents-insurance/house-insurance-quote/” size=”medium” type=”divider”]Get a Quote![/button]

[toggle title=”How much homeowner’s insurance do I need?“]

Before you start, make sure each quote has sufficient coverage for the following:

I) The structure of your home
II) Your potential liability to others
III) Costs for additional living expenses should you need to live away from your home after an incident
IV) Replacement value of your personal possessions


[toggle title=”I want to buy homeowner’s insurance. What is the best way to conduct a home insurance comparison?“]

Make sure that you get at least three quotes from different home insurance companies. When conducting a home insurance comparison, follow the tips in our comparing insurance providers section.


[toggle title=”I don’t have time to do extensive research for insurance comparisons. Is there an easier way?“]

Our free quote service is located here. Using this service allows you to instantly search by the type of insurance you want and your location to obtain a quote. Insurance is no longer a time consuming process when you put our tools to use!


[toggle title=”Is my driveway covered by my homeowner’s policy?“]

Yes. Your driveway would be covered under your home insurance policy as long as it is constructed with permanent materials, such as concrete or paving stones. Gravel driveways are generally excluded from a homeowner’s insurance policy.


[toggle title=”I have burned a hole in my carpeting. Is this covered under my homeowner’s insurance?“]

Yes. Insurance companies will generally pay out for carpet as long as it has been professionally installed as a permanent floor covering.


[toggle title=”Do I have to supply receipts when reporting my claim for stolen or damaged content items?“]

Yes — especially for larger purchases, such as your TV, stereo or other electronics. It is always advised that receipts or warranties are kept in a safe place — ideally a fire and waterproof safety box. It is also advisable that you take photos of these valuable items.


[toggle title=”Is my laptop covered by my homeowner’s insurance policy?“]

No. House insurance companies generally pay out if a PC or desktop computer is used for home purposes only. A PC that is used for business or a laptop is not included.


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