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types of health insurance in NZTypes of Health Insurance

[dropcap type=”simple”]W[/dropcap]hat type of health insurance are you looking for? Is it self employment health insurance, supplemental health insurance or employee insurance? There are two main types of health insurance available in New Zealand.[button link=”https://www.myinsuranceguide.co.nz/health-insurance/health-insurance-quote/” size=”medium” type=”divider” ]Get a Quote![/button]

Comprehensive Care Policy

Individual health insurance plans like this one only cover primary care costs, such as doctor’s visits, prescription charges, physical costs and other everyday medical bills. Surgical and hospitalisation costs are also covered — sometimes up to a preset limit.

Elective Surgical and Specialist Care Policy

This type of health insurance policy only covers health problems that require hospitalisation. You are responsible to pay for your day-to-day medical costs, such as doctor’s visits and prescription charges. Sometimes supplemental coverage can be purchased for extras, such as dental treatment, diagnostic or screening treatments. Both policy types usually exclude certain conditions or elective treatments, such as cosmetic surgery or fertility treatments.

Certain health insurance plans are more popular than others. Self employment health insurance and employee health insurance are popular policies here in New Zealand. Health insurance for self employed individuals provides protection against financial loss, should the policy-holder become ill. Some larger firms supply employee health insurance as part of their remuneration package. Inquire or include employee health insurance with your salary package negotiations the next time its up for review.


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