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health_insurnaceFrequently Asked Questions About Medical Insurance

[dropcap type=”simple”]I[/dropcap]ndividual health insurance plans are just as important as small business or short term health insurance plans. We are often asked who has the cheapest health insurance rates or who has the best individual health insurance plan.  In this section, we will address these and other questions in our health insurance FAQ’s section.[button link=”https://www.myinsuranceguide.co.nz/health-insurance/health-insurance-quote/” size=”medium” type=”divider”]Get a Quote![/button]

[toggle title=”Shouldn’t I wait until I am older to purchase an individual health insurance plan?“]

You should ideally purchase individual health insurance while you are a still fit and healthy. Once you become ill, your health insurance rates will likely increase — or you may be declined altogether.

[toggle title=”Should I purchase a short term health insurance plan, small business health insurance plan or an individual health insurance plan? Which one is best for me?“]

You should speak with a health insurance broker to determine which policy will best meet your needs and who offers affordable rates. Secondly, you should always ensure that your health insurance plan will cover you for all major medical expenses.

[toggle title=”Can I get small business health insurance if I have an existing illness?“]

You may find it difficult to obtain health insurance with an existing medical condition. If you were to sign up for a health insurance policy and didn’t declare your current medical condition, your cover would be instantly terminated if the insurance company were to find out.

[toggle title=”What is a health insurance excess?“]

Health insurance excess is the amount you pay toward the expense in the event of a claim. If your medical bill is $4,000, your excess may be $400. The health insurance company would pay the $3,600 and you would be responsible for the $400. You usually have the option to pay a higher excess. If you take this option, it often means your premium will be reduced.

[toggle title=”Can I choose which private hospital to attend for my treatment?“]

Yes, that is an option available to you.

[toggle title=”I have purchased an individual health insurance plan. However, I have developed a medical condition. Am I still covered?“]

Yes, you will be covered under your individual health insurance plan as long as it is included in your health insurance policy or it hasn’t been specifically left out.


[toggle title=”Doesn’t ACC cover medical costs? Do I actually need to bother paying health insurance rates?“]

ACC will only pay for medical costs in the event of an accident. Buying an individual health insurance plan will provide you with peace of mind in the event of illness or other medical conditions.


[toggle title=”I have purchased short term health insurance. How often can I claim?“]

There are no limits to the number of claims you are eligible to make. However, there are limits to the total monetary amount of claims.

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If you have any addition questions that weren’t included in our health insurance FAQ’s section, contact us or a leading supplier in our review section.


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