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Getting an Online Contents Insurance Quote

There can be a great deal of time and effort involved before getting an online contents insurance quote, although it is always possible to get started by providing a best-guess estimate. This might give you some insight as to what your premium may cost you.

Many insurance companies or agencies promote a single policy that covers both the house and its contents. This can be the type of policy best suited for most people. The policy will generally cover the cost of loss or damage to the home itself, and give a sum estimate to be applied to loss or damage of its contents.

The first thing you’ll want to do before going online to get an online contents insurance quote is to take stock of what those contents consist of. If the most expensive items are few in number, such as a home theater system, a huge flat-screen HD television set, or a valuable collection of stamps or coins, the way to go may simply be to have those items attached to your house insurance policy as a rider. Even if you go that route however, it would still pay to estimate their total value and go online to get a free quote.

If on the other hand, the contents of your household constitute an appreciable part of your personal wealth, and consist of fine art, furniture, paintings, Stradivarius violins, and such, it’s best to take a detailed inventory of your possessions. Here is where you should put a digital camera to good use, and even use video as a means of documenting a room full of fine furniture and art. Keep a copy of these records in a safe place, and give a copy to a family member who lives elsewhere, to your insurance agent, or to your lawyer. Insured contents that aren’t well documented can be notoriously hard to collect on. If you are successful, you may get less than the actual value of an item unless it has been well documented.

The total value is important, as that is likely to be the main thing a quote will be based upon. You need to take into account however that some items are more easily insurable than others. A rare stamp may not be insurable at all unless it is kept in a secure place. The same can be said for jewelry. When you seek a quote, some of the questions you will be asked relate to the safety and security of these items.

Some online companies may give you a quote based on assumed value. This can always serve as a good ball-park estimate. When going online, however, be prepared to answer as many of the questions as you can, in as much detail as has been requested and of course, answer them honestly. We can help you in finding the right policy to cover your belongings. If you click on our “Get a Quote” button, you’ll get a good picture of what information we have to help. There is no obligation, and our quotes are free.