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Finding Appropriate Contents Insurance in New Zealand

If you’re searching for contents insurance in New Zealand you’ll find that there are a number of policy types and options that you can choose from. The two main types of policy you’re likely to come across are extensive insurance policies (those that protect you against just about anything) and those that only protect you against specific events and circumstances. Here’s a look at both.

Extensive Insurance

Extensive contents insurance generally protects you against damage to or loss of your personal possessions whilst they are located within your home. Such policies ordinarily insure against fire, flooding, burglary, vandalism, as well as natural disasters (including earthquakes and tsunamis).

Almost any item within the house will be protected, although there are some exceptions (expensive artwork and jewellery would be two examples). Were you to make a claim against the insurance, damaged or lost items would be replaced on a ‘new for old’ basis once the excess has been paid.

Such contents insurance coverage is ideal for those looking for peace of mind as well of those that have accumulated a lot of possessions.

Defined Events Cover

This second form of contents insurance is a stripped-down version of that above. Rather than cover possessions in all instances of damage or loss, this method of coverage only protects against a predetermined set of events. For example, such a policy may cover damage that has occurred as a result of an earthquake or flooding, but disregards circumstances such as accidental damage or a specific event (for example, flooding in a water-restricted region).

This latter form of insurance is ideal for those that are looking for a less expensive policy and are confident that certain events are unlikely to occur.

Whatever type of contents insurance policy you require, try our free, no-obligation quotation service. Just click the button on this page and we’ll send you all the information you need.