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How to Find the Right Home Contents Insurance Company in NZ

Finding the best home contents insurance Company in New Zealand can be difficult, but knowing the pitfalls can keep you from signing up for the wrong policy.  For most of us who are shopping for home contents insurance, we are desperately trying to avoid the scenario of losing everything and the insurance paying nothing during a disaster.  So, what are the things you need to avoid in an insurance company?

  • It is important to avoid an insurance company that does not provide accommodation in the event that your house is uninhabitable.  In this scenario, you will need to stay in a hotel of some sort, and the dollars can add up quickly if the insurance does not cover the bill.
  • If the insurance company is not accredited by the EQC, and a major earthquake hits New Zealand and destroys your home, they might go out of business.  If that happens, it will be very difficult to get reimbursed with the money you are owed.

Other Hints

  • It is important to see the fine print on electronics and jewelry over a certain value.  Most companies will only cover so much unless they are specifically enumerated in the policy by the homeowner.  You may have a higher rate, but at least your valuables are protected from theft.  
  • If you have a pet, you will need to list that on the policy.  It may push your rate higher, but you will be covered in the event that your pet somehow causes damage.
  • It is a very good idea to find a policy that covers changing all locks if your house keys are stolen.  Locks can be extremely expensive, and having one of your house keys in the wrong hands can leave you wide open to theft.  A good company will cover the locks, as this is beneficial for both the insurance company and the policyholder.