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What Is Contents Insurance and Do I Need It?

For homeowners and renters alike, contents insurance can provide comfort and peace of mind when it comes to protecting the valuables within your home. Regardless of your living status, insuring the contents of your home is essential for those that wish to avoid disappointment, heartache and costly bills in the future.

What Am I Protected Against?

All policies vary depending on individual factors such as the vendor, the geographical location of your home, and your own individual circumstances. However, most policies will generally protect against the following:

  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Malicious damage
  • Natural disasters
  • Storm damage
  • Theft

It is important at the time of purchasing a contents insurance policy that you identify your exact needs and see that the policy meets these. For example, if you live close to a riverbank that regularly floods, some policies may retract cover against flooding. If this is the case, this policy may not be suited for you.

What Can I Insure?

Whereas house insurance only covers the structure of your home (the bricks and mortar, if you will), contents insurance policies cover almost anything located within your home that is not permanently attached to the house’s structure. Again, the exact details of the items that are covered are dependent on the individual policy, but you can expect the following to be insured:

  • Cash (to an extent)
  • Clothes
  • Electrical appliances
  • Fittings (including kitchen and bathroom)
  • Furniture
  • Ornaments (including mirrors)

Additional cover may also be added to insure a number of different items, including the contents of your refrigerator/freezer, jewellery and sports equipment.

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