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Questions to Ask When Buying Contents Insurance in New Zealand

When it comes to selecting the contents insurance NZ that is right for you, there are a bunch of questions you’re likely to ask yourself. Am I covered against theft? How much is the insurance policy? What can I insure? Here then are some of the questions that you might not consider before choosing a content insurance company.

Are the Contents of my Garage, Shed, and Pool-house Covered?

Some insurance policies in New Zealand will cover the items stored in outer buildings. Others will not. If you store items in the likes of a garage or garden shed, make sure to determine whether these are covered against damage and theft.

Which Members of the Household are Insured?

Many policies take a ‘family view’ approach, meaning that they will insure all contents belonging to you and your immediate family (spouse, children, partner, etc.). If you are co-habiting with someone not considered a family member (for example, other students or colleagues) you will need to either take out individual policies or each be named on a single contents insurance policy.

Am I Insured Against Accidental Damage or Theft?

Most of us carry a cell phone or a music player when we leave home. We like to take a camera out to capture those important memories. However, many policies do not cover any item once it has been removed from the house itself. If you’re worried about insuring such items, it’s worth enquiring if the policy covers such and if it doesn’t, is it possible to pay extra for this cover?

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