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car_insurnace Checklist When Buying New Zealand Car Insurance

[dropcap type=”simple”]O[/dropcap]nce you have finished your online research and found a suitable insurance provider, you’re ready to buy your car insurance policy.  All insurance companies will request information about the vehicle you wish to insure and your financial status in order to complete the application. Before providing any details, make sure you follow these car insurance checklist ideas listed below:

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  • Receive a minimum of three car insurance quotes from three different car insurers. The chosen quote should meet all your important requirements.


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What Information to Have Ready When You’re Purchasing Insurance Online?

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  • The names, ages, marital status and sex of all vehicle drivers and how often they will drive the vehicle. If the other drivers have safe driving records, bring this to the attention of the insurance provider.
  • The annual mileage on the vehicle to be insured.
  • The driving records and accident history of any drivers to be included on the policy. It is likely the insurance provider will request all details surrounding any accident, including who was at fault, whether you made a claim, and if your car insurance claim was considered valid and paid out. If you were not at fault, they may ask the name of the other car insurance company. It is important that you are honest as the car insurance company can check the information with the insurance claims registrar.
  • Where the car is kept when not in use. Whether the car is parked in a garage or in a car port.
  • Details of the car such as the registration number, year, model and brand. Most of this information can be found on the registration card attached to the front left of your window screen.
  • The insurance provider will ask whether your car has any modifications such as a turbo, mag-wheels or any other aftermarket modifications.
  • Tell the insurance broker if your car has any security or safety devices installed. This includes a car alarm or demobilize.
  • Find out whether your car has air bags or an anti-braking system (ABS) installed. These are safety features that can reduce your premiums.


Car insurance costs will vary depending on where you live in New Zealand. If you move to a different region or city, make sure to inform your provider, as your premium may be affected.  By following the simple tips included in our car insurance checklist above, you’ll find a great policy at competitive rates!

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