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Car Insurance NZ – Which Type to Choose

What’s the first thing you usually learn about car insurance? NZ doesn’t require you to have it. What about the cost if you do decide to purchase car insurance? New Zealand companies offer some very inexpensive polices, although that doesn’t mean all policies are inexpensive. It depends upon what you want. There are many options available to you. Let’s briefly look at the four major types of car insurance.

  • The cheapest type of policy is a third party policy. This covers any damage you may cause to a third party. Your own car is not protected, but if it is an older car this may not be important.
  • Third party fire and theft goes a step further and protects you against fire, theft, loss, as well as covering damage you might cause to a third party. Damage to your own car, beyond fire, is not covered.
  • Comprehensive insurance is the best type, though the most expensive. It is really the only type to consider if you want damage caused to your vehicle to be covered. Fire and theft cover is included in these policies.
  • A fourth type is specialised insurance, which is for cars that are over 25 years old. Specialised insurance provides the same benefits as a comprehensive insurance policy, but there are restrictions as to how many miles the car may be driven each year.

No matter which type you choose, you still decide how much cover you will need or are willing to pay for. We can help you in that regard by giving free quotes, as well as providing information to help you choose the right amount of cover. Click on our “Get a Quote” button, and the information you’re looking for will be at your fingertips. It’s free and without obligation.