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Car Insurance- New Zealand Standard Practice

When purchasing car insurance, New Zealand standard practices are there to protect both the seller and purchaser of a policy. Each party has certain responsibilities under New Zealand’s Fair Insurance Code. In very general terms, the insurance provider is expected to, among other things, give the purchaser a clear understanding of what a given policy contains and covers. The provider is also expected to process and pay claims quickly, and to give a proper explanation if a claim is denied.

When you purchase car insurance, New Zealand practice under the Fair Insurance Code puts some responsibility on you as well. These requirements are easy to understand, and for the most part are common sense. For example, when applying for car insurance you’re expected to give the insurer information that is both honest and complete. This includes facts about previous policies you may have made claims against, or any instances where you were denied a policy. You’re also expected to be honest with respect to your driving record. If you are insuring your car, you’ll be expected to be able to verify the car has passed the necessary tests such as a warrant of fitness and that the registration is up to date.

There is other information you might be expected to provide as well. The important thing is to be honest and not withhold information for any reason. The same applies when making a claim. False or incomplete information given to the insurer can be grounds for denying a claim.

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