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Car and Contents Insurance NZ

While it can be challenging to find an insurance policy that protects only car and contents, many NZ insurance companies have policies that offer suitable cover. Not surprisingly, contents insurance usually goes hand in hand with house insurance. Many Kiwis rent, but still want to have the contents they own covered. Renters by and large do not have quite as many possessions as a homeowner typically would, so the amount of cover needed is generally smaller. Given the fact that car insurance can be relatively inexpensive in many cases, a policy that covers both car and contents should be quite affordable.

Rather than waste time searching for a combined car and contents policy however, it would make sense to get quotes for both types. Note that there is often a savings to be made when both types of insurance are provided by the same company. An insurance company will often offer a discount when the insured party does all of his or her business with that company. This practice is very common for house and car insurance policies, so check with the companies you are researching to see if this is an option.

Getting car and contents insurance, NZ style is a 3-step process. It involves:

1) Getting quotes for both car insurance and contents insurance policies

2) Selecting a single company for both policies

3) Filling out the applications. Don’t forget to inquire about getting a multiple-policy discount on one or both policies before signing on the dotted line(s).

We would be more than happy to help you find the right combination of car and contents insurance, and discuss discounts that may be available to you. Let us help you get started with our free quotes. They’re only a mouse-click away.