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Buying a New Zealand House Insurance Policy

When purchasing a New Zealand house insurance policy, there is some information the insurer is going to want, and it’s helpful to know this information ahead of time. First of all, you want to be prepared to know certain features of your house, primarily its construction, since construction is very important in taking the risk of fire into account. In particular the, material the roof is made of is significant. If your house has a thatched roof or one comprised of cedar shingles, your premium could be much higher than in the case of a tile roof.  The measurements of the house should be at hand as well.

Know the approximate value of your house. You will no doubt do so if it’s new or recently purchased. A previous New Zealand house insurance policy should have this information as well. Make sure to take into account any major renovations, and by all means mention improvements which have been made with fire prevention or security in mind. The age of the house is also important.

Some of this information will be good to have at hand when asking for an online quote. Quotes are usually based on a minimum of information, and for that reason the final cost of the policy can differ as more detailed information is given to the insurance provider. Nevertheless, having multiple quotes for comparison purposes can steer you towards an insurer who is able to give you the best policy at the best price. We can assist you by providing you with multiple quotes for house insurance. Our quotes are free, and just a mouse click away if you use our “Get a Quote” button on this page. Collect some basic information about your house and get started today. You’ll be satisfied you did.