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types of boat insurance Types of Boat Insurance

[dropcap type=”simple”]T[/dropcap]here are many types of boat insurance available. You can purchase small boat or commercial insurance from a variety of providers. The differences will be in the premiums you will pay and the terms defined in the policy. We recommend that when searching for any insurance type, don’t simply look for the cheapest coverage available. Choosing your boat insurance coverage by looking at cost alone can end up hurting you in the long run.[button link=”https://www.myinsuranceguide.co.nz/boat-insurance/boat-insurance-quote/” size=”medium” type=”divider”]Get a Quote![/button]

The most common forms of boat insurance are as follows:

Small Boat

Small boat insurance generally covers smaller crafts like a dingy or a small sail boat. Be sure that the boat is worth insuring before paying the premiums.


Sailboat insurance covers larger sail crafts. This includes any sailing vessel up to 55 fet. For larger sailboats, a customised policy may be required. Speak with you insurance provider for details.

Charter Boat

Charter boat insurance provides coverage for vessels that are leased or hired out on a casual basis. The premiums you pay for this type of insurance may be higher due to the increased risk incurred with having multiple drivers of the vehicle.

Fishing Boat

Fishing boat insurance covers fishing vessels. This type of insurance falls under commercial insurance. Premiums may vary depending on the type of fishing done from the vessel.

Commercial Boat

Commercial boat insurance covers fishing vessels, charter boats, shipping vessels, transport vessels and any other boat operating on a commercial basis.

Power Boat

Power boat insurance covers your typical kiwi boat. This type of boat is powered by an engine and is generally medium sized. This is probably the most common form of boat insurance in New Zealand. You can search online for boat insurance quotes free by using the search form at the top of this page. Remember, don’t always look for the cheapest policy. Evaluate the policy carefully.

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