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The Best Time to Take Out a Health Insurance Policy

Is there a best time to take out a health insurance policy? You’re feeling great, never had anything worse than a bad cold, you don’t do mountain climbing or bull riding for a living, so you just don’t see a need to make payments on a premium for a policy you’ll never use. Maybe it would make sense to wait a few years. Then the aches and pains associated with age begin, as do visits to the doctor. That’s when you’ll start getting some payback for that policy you’ve paid for.

That kind of thinking is good only if you are very lucky as well as healthy, and your luck continues to hold out. We don’t take out insurance because of what we think is going to happen, or not happen. We take out insurance because unplanned events have a way of happening. You don’t have to be on the side of a mountain to fall and hurt yourself, and there are places where being in traffic isn’t much safer than being on the back of a bull is. In other words, the best time to take out a health insurance policy is right now.

The best time to take out a policy may also be when you’re brimming with health, because the cover will cost a lot less. Wait until you have a variety of ailments, and then look at the cost of purchasing a policy. Ever hear of a pre-existing condition? Health insurance companies don’t like those, and make you pay if you have one.

While you’re healthy, let us help you find a policy that takes your great health into account? Just click on or “Get a Quote” button. It’s a free and easy way to find the health insurance policy that’s best for you.